nakeDeb -- nakedKbd

nakeDeb is intended to be (almost) entirely controllable with the keyboard: this page lists some examples of processes ... without the mouse.

note that most of the keyboard shortcuts are specified in the nakeWiki.

nakeDeb with a keyboard

we start from the beginning: when the machine is switched on, the GRUB menu is displayed and it is designed to be operated only from the keyboard: navigation between entries with the /arrows, modification of an entry with TAB, activate an entry with the Enter key.

then comes the login screen:

general information on keyboard management

In general, once the focus is on a window, we navigate between the elements with the TAB, Shift+TAB or TAB+///, select with the Space key and activate with the Enter key. ESC cancels the last choice or closes the menu.

the first tool, the terminal, is available thanks to Alt+Enter, in both sessions (fluxbox & i3wm).
i3wm session also has a floating terminal activated thanks to Super+Enter.
fluxbox session also has a command prompt, fbrun, triggered using the Alt+F2 shortcut.

the default menu rofi is available from both sessions and is triggered using Alt+d (run mode) or Alt+p (drun mode).

the shutdown menu available on both sessions from the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+e is also controllable from the keyboard:


fluxbox with a keyboard

even though fluxbox is a floating window manager, letting you freely use the available space, it is just as effective with a keyboard as with a mouse.
this wiki has a fluxbox dedicated page but here are some basic sequences:

open a few terminals, the torbrowser and the file browser on different desktops:

i3wm with a keyboard

i3wm and natively designed to be controlled from the keyboard. I'll let you check out the i3wm wiki for an overview.
here are some basic sequences:

nakeDeb in CLI/tty

nakeDeb can also be used in a tty session, so without any possible mouse or touchpad action. to start the CLI session at login time, do not identify yourself, but switch to tty with a simple Ctrl+Alt+F1. identify yourself then run dvtm, a tiling window manager for tty. to view your images, you have fbi and for your working documents, the pdftotxt & odt2txt tools are integrated.
dvtm works with a default shortcut set to Ctrl+g, followed by one or more keys. a man dvtm will tell you how it works, but here are the main default shortcuts:

shortcut actions
Ctrl+g c open a new shell
Ctrl+g x x close the active shell
Ctrl+g l increase master area
Ctrl+g h decrease master area
Ctrl+g j focus next client
Ctrl+g h focus previous client
Ctrl+g m maximize active shell
Ctrl+g space change layout
Ctrl+g F1/F2/F3... display tag 1/2/3...
Ctrl+g ? display help
Ctrl+g q q quit dvtm