[howto] nakeDeb NNF forum


greetings :)

new forum, new way of communicating, quick guide to help you find your way around...

:: post on the forum

for that, it is enough to indicate a nickname and a password then your message. the nickname and the pass can be different each time and do not correspond to a fixed identity (except for the admin, yours truly). if you want to use the same nickname, just remember to use the same password and that's it.

:: editing, editing posts

impossible. you can delete your post (if you are the author) but not edit it. however, you can append (with the "+" button) text to your message.

the NNF forum automatically transforms http/https addresses into clickable links (same for ftp addresses, mail etc).
on the other hand, no image rendering planned: if you want to share an image, you have to host it elsewhere and paste the link on the fofo.
for formatting and code, go to _welldonehowto_

:: preview

impossible... remember to reread before posting :P

:: follow a discussion, monitor the forum

everything works via RSS feed: to follow a discussion or the entire forum, simply subscribe to the RSS feed


How NoNonsense differs from other forums:

- *No database* - Threads are just RSS feeds. When a reply is added, a new item is added to the feed.

- *No hoops to jump through* - No registration, no e-mail confirmation, no CAPTCHA. Just type your message, give a name and password you want to use and your post is made. Use the same name/password pair in the future to keep the same name, it’s that simple.

- *No clutter* - No user profiles. No "status updates". No signatures. No user ranks. Just pure discussion with none of the cruft.


Your friendly neighbourhood moderators: arpinux